Progressive Cavity Pump Parts

Why Buy Liberty Parts?

Progressive Cavity Pump Retaining SleevesLiberty Process Equipment offers in stock replacement progressive cavity pump parts to fit *Seepex© brand Series BN and MD series Progressing Cavity Pumps.

We have many of the most popular available sizes of rotors, stators, coupling rods, joint kits, seals, and other spares for all your specific pumping applications to keep your *Seepex© pumps up and running and to minimize unnecessary downtime due to manufacturing lead times.

Progressive Cavity Pump RotorsAll Liberty Process progressive cavity pump parts are manufactured and tested utilizing the highest quality steel and rubber materials for long-lasting service.

Progressive Cavity Pump Rebuild KitsOur 30 years of experience with progressive cavity pumps and spare parts, competitive pricing, on-time deliveries, and reliable and long-lasting pump products gives us a competitive edge in offering our customers the best value.

Currently, Liberty Process Equipment carries progressive cavity pump parts for two of the most popular *Seepex© Series Pumps. Series BN and Series MD.

Aftermarket Seepex Progressive Cavity Pump Parts

*Seepex© N Series: The *Seepex© BN Series and MD pump is well recognized and widely used progressing cavity pump. Liberty Process Equipment stocks rotors, stators, coupling rods, joint kits, and other spares to fit most sizes of this series. We stock the sizes of 005 through 70, we stock gearing in 6L, 6 and 12 geometries.

Rotors are stocked in hard chrome plated tool steel and 316 stainless's steel and stators are stocked in buna-nitrile rubber (NBR) and Viton. Coupling rods are stocked in 316 stainless steel, and cover sleeves are stocked in NBR. Other materials are available such as: Viton, EPDM, Hypalon, natural rubber, and others.

*Seepex© D Series: The MD Series and MD Pump from *Seepex© is designed for small flows. We stock rotors, stators, coupling rods, joint kits, mechanical seals, and other spares to fit most sizes of this series. Rotors and coupling rods and all other wetted metal parts are stocked in 316 stainless steel. Stators and universal joint cover sleeves are stocked in Viton. Special rotor and stator materials are available upon request.

*Liberty Process Equipment is not a distributor for or affiliated in any way with Seepex, Inc. Any name, brand, model or part number used here is solely for identification purpose. *Seepex® is a registered trademark of *Seepex©, Inc.

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