Victory Series Progressive Cavity Pump Parts

Link to Liberty process Equipment, Inc.Liberty© offers several product groups of Progressive Cavity Pumps and spare parts including: ADP/ADBP metering pumps, American Series wobble stator pumps, Liberty LL-Frame pumps, Justice Series hopper pumps, Freedom Series sanitary pumps, and Millennium Series gear-joint style pumps.

Link to progressivecavityparts.comOnline Purchasing of Liberty Product including Progressive Cavity Pumps and Parts including Moyno®, Tarby®,*Seepex®, Continental®, Netzsch®, and more.

EDUR Pumps LinkEDUR© pumps are designed especially for use in applications where liquids and gases are present and mixed. This pumping application is very challenging if not impossible with standard centrifugal pumps as they typically fail due to cavitation destroying the pumps.

Hilge Pumps LinkHilge© is a high end sanitary centrifugal pump. We stock pumps and spare parts. The pumps are made from rolled steel instead of casted parts so the surface finish is superior for sanitary applications. The pumps have been manufactured since 1867 and have been in use by all German breweries since then.

OSNA Pumps LinkWe stock boiler feed pumps made by OSNA© at Shanley Pump. This heavy-duty pump series is rated from 10 to 1000 gpm up to 1000 feet of head. OSNA also has other series of pumps available for pumping applications up to 4800 gpm and at discharge heads up to 2100 feet.

Aftermarket Progressive Cavity Pump Parts

Liberty Process Equipment, Inc. is a leading supplier of Progressive Cavity Pumps and pump parts for over 30 years. We have several complete pump product lines of progressive cavity pumps for abrasive pumping applications. We stock very small pumps for metered flow applications from .001 gpm up to 20 gpm.

In addition we stock several industrial and sanitary ranges of progressive cavity pumps for flows from 1 GPM up to 2000 GPM. We can ship many of these pumps the same day that you order them and we offer 24-hour pump service and spare parts for many other leading brands of progressive cavity pumps from our large inventory.

We are located near O’Hare International Airport and we ship many emergency pump orders via air freight to serve our customers needs. In addition, the large transportation infrastructure of greater Chicago provides us with key business tools to support our pump customers with quick delivery and services.

This, along with our experienced employees and our top quality pump product lines, enables us to support our pump customers with pumping solutions and fast services for their most challenging pump applications.

We are proud to announce our new Victory Line® of quality replacement Progressive Cavity Pump parts for *Seepex© brand pumps. The Victory Line offers many advantages to Seepex Pump users.

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